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Interior Timber

Interior Timber


We stock a great variety of sizes we can offer a cutting/planning service to suite the sizes you need. 

Various lengths in stock, please ask for details 


Planed pine :

32mm x 12mm

45mm x 12mm


6mm x 21mm

9mm x 21mm

12mm x 21mm

15mm x 21mm

21mm x 21mm

45mm x 21mm

70mm x 21mm

95mm x 21mm

120mm x 21mm

145mm x 21mm

170mm x 21mm

195mm x 21mm

215mm x 21mm


12mm x 45mm

45mm x 27mm

145mm x 27mm

215mm x 27mm


21mm x 45mm

45mm x 45mm

95mm x 45mm

145mm x 45mm

195mm x 45mm

215mm x 45mm


21mm x 70mm

45mm x 70mm

70mm x 70mm

215mm x 70mm


95mm x 95mm


Sawn Pine

25mm x 25mm

50mm x 25mm

150mm x 25mm


25mm x 50mm

50mm x 50mm

150mm x 50mm

200mm x 50mm

225mm x 50mm


75mm x 225mm


We machine Interior Hardwood to order ( some sizes are PAR please contact us )