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Wood is an ideal building material – it’s strong, durable, versatile, can be used both inside and out and is inherently beautiful. There are countless varieties of woods, each with its own distinctive charm.

We stock four species of hardwood: Sapele, Oak, Ash and Beech.

SapeleAbout Sapele:

Also known as Scented Mahogany, Sapele is a hardwood of medium texture with a high lustre. It is available as a pale yellow sapwood and light red to dark reddish brown heartwood. With its high lustre, Sapele is often used for cabinetry, panelling and decorative veneers.



Oak Wood Timber

About Oak:

With outstanding wear-resistance, Oak is straight-grained with a medium-coarse to coarse texture, prominent rays and open pores. Light tan-coloured heartwood with narrow, nearly white sapwood are features of this timber. Oak is naturally resistant to decay and is popular in furniture making.



AshAbout Ash:

Available as Black or White Ash, this is generally a straight-grained wood with a coarse texture. Colour-wise it varies from a pale-brown heartwood and almost white sapwood to a greyish brown heartwood and light brown sapwood. Its easy workability makes Ash ideal for joinery applications.



Beech Wood Timber

About Beech:

A warm pale wood, Beech is a straight-grained wood with broad rays, and a fine, even texture. Its colour is a pale cream to pinkish brown heartwood that darkens to a pale reddish brown. Stiff and shock-resistant, Beech is commonly used in counter tops and furniture.



We have the facilities and expertise to cut timber to size and machine it to any shape you want on site. Please contact us with your requirements.